1 - Speed up your sourcing

Let's run a test : go on a Linkedin profile, check if the profile is in your database, and then create a new candidate card. How much time ?

Thanks to Huntool, it's all done in 3 seconds !

2 - Stop worrying about duplicates

You are on a Linkedin profile already seen by one of your team's member ? Huntool displays all the relevant informations on Linkedin, magically !

3 - Discover your talent pool again

With our homemade artificial intelligence, Huntool classifies by itself your candidates : the perfect profile in your talent pool is now just 2 clicks away.

Only on 'Enterprise' accounts.

4 - Easy to install, easy to use

Huntool is so user-friendly you can discover it in 5 minutes. No installation fee, no commitment : as simple as possible.

5 - First-class support

A question ? Ask us by phone or mail, grab a coffee and you'll have your answer

Bonus : we're nice people .

6 - Always with you

Huntool follows you on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Gmail.
Do you want more ? Thanks to Zapier, export your profiles to Highrise, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, Breezy HR, Workable, Trello... send emails with Mailchimp, connect to a Google spreadsheet, ....

A new way to source

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🐥 Perso

FREE for ever

Leave notes on Linkedin profiles
Search in your notes

Not collaborative
No reminders
No tags
No duplicates recognition

Great to handle one sourcing mission. Or for networking.

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🐱 Pro


1 talent pipeline
Automatic duplicates recognition

No follow-up of multiple recruitment pipelines at the same time

The professional recruitment tool to its simplest form.

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🐯 Enterprise


All pro features
Unlimited talent pipelines
Advanced analytics to pilot your missions at a glance
AI inside : tags suggestion when you create an applicant.

A powerful tool for sourcers.

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With no obligation, you can stop your subscription any time just by sending an email!
(Awesome) customer service is included in each plan