1 - Save time

Stop copy-pasting : you don't have time to create a profile in your ATS for each page browsed on Linkedin ! Leave comments and reminders directly on Linkedin / Twitter / Github / Facebook.

2 - Work as a team (for real)

Never approach twice the same profile again: Huntool will notify you if the profile is already in your pool of teammates... and you can keep in touch with them directly on the profile page! Pretty cool, isn't it ?

3 - Monitor, improve

Huntool's dashboard enables you to discover data-driven headhunting : we give you all the figures you need to analyse and improve each conversion rates. Boring reportings disappears.

4 - Use your talent pool (at last)

Are you gathering hundreds of profiles each week on social media ? Remember anybody thanks to tags and powerful search.

5 - Think long-term

Sometimes, hiring is a dish best served cold. Be sure to never forget a profile: set up reminders by one click. Huntool will remember it for you.

6 - Always with you

Huntool follows you on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Gmail.
Do you want more ? Thanks to Zapier, export your profiles to Highrise, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, Breezy HR, Workable, Trello... send emails with Mailchimp, connect to a Google spreadsheet, ....


Jean-Christophe, sourcing extraordinaire

‘The product is extraordinary.’

Jean-Christophe Anna,
CEO at #rmstouch, and #rmsConf's organiser

Digitalents - cabinet de recrutement à Barcelone

‘We have been using Huntool for 6 months, great product, great customer service, thank you!’

Frederic Castro,
Director at Digitalents, recruitment office in Barcelona

Axone, cabinet de recrutement et de chasse de tête

Fun and simple, I use Huntool everyday, I love it!’

Mathilde Pace,
Headhunter at Axone, recruitment office in Nantes

Laurent, énormément d'approche directe

‘I love this tool’

Laurent Brouat,
Director of LinkHumans and of France's Recruitment school

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